Ambassadori’ Casino is an elite gaming club created according to every standard of premium-class casinos, which means that it offers high-quality service and an individual approach to every guest. This will be felt by every person entering the threshold of the Club.

The refined design, comfortable environment and unique services offered at the Casino are in line with the elite concept of ‘Ambassadori Tbilisi’ Hotel. There is every condition for guests to enjoy equal pleasure from gaming and the environment surrounding them, and the Casino offers unlimited entertainment and leisure possibilities to its guests 24/7. Last but not least: you can bring your partner along: members of our Gambling Club are both male and female.

The tables and equipment you will find at Gambling Club ‘Ambassadori’ Casino have been tailor-made by the prestigious Italian brand  exclusively for us.

We always try for our members to get the maximum out of our gambling club. We will never get tired of telling you: Welcome to ‘Ambassadori!’