A journey you won’t forget
Ambassadori Casino can organize unforgettable tours for its guests. We offer delightful gaming tours with the best conditions for people who are fond of discovering new countries and entertaining themselves at the same time. You only need to express your wish, and our team of professionals will arrange every detail.

Guest should spend minimum 5 hours a day at the casino, playing. Minimum amount to change  is 5000$, for VIP 10.000 $


·          Player is responsible to play – Min. bet for roulette - $5 per number

 ·         Player is responsible to play – Min bet for Card Table - 50$.

 ·         Player is responsible to play – Min bet for slots - $5 per spin.

 ·         General Stay  -  2  days  minimum

 ·         Player  must  present his credit card details at hotel reception for guarantee. 

Responsibilities of Casino:

·         Casino takes care of the flight tickets.

·         Casino covers accommodation at the  hotel room and breakfast charges.

·         Casino offers free lunch, dinner and some soft drinks at Casino restaurant



Junket tour agent shall receive 10 % of the total amount of loss of his guest.

Guest will receive 10 % cash back of the amount of his loss. 15% cash back in case of loss more than 15.000$