From the very start, ‘Ambassadori’ Casino was developed as a top-flight gambling club of international standards, and therefore, together with Georgian and European cuisine, our restaurant’s menu offers the most popular dishes from various countries around the world.

Naturally, French and Italian dishes are the most popular ones at our restaurant, but you can also order, for instance, the central Asian “chorba” – a delicious soup that has already become one of the favorite dishes of our guests. Lobsters specially imported from Canada, as well as China and Japan’s best culinary attractions, are also at your disposal.

But still, that’s not all. A daily special will be available exclusively for members of our Casino, and others won’t be able to see it on the menu. This could be a new Beef Stroganoff variant, Asian-style chicken, buckwheat and pasta on grill, a ‘Sunday roast’ – a traditional British meal usually eaten for brunch, turkey...





We will introduce you to the offer.

Our signature dish is the Sole: It’s very difficult to catch a sole, as they live on the bottom of the sea, South-West to Great Britain, where warm and cold Gulf Stream currents meet.
We will serve you sole with a special butter and capers sauce. A waiter will remove the bones from the fish in 45 seconds on a small table next to yours, and then return your plate as if he hadn’t even touched the fish.
The sole is served with French wine ‘Sancerre’. With its lemony aroma, the taste of this ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ variety creates an exquisite combination with the fish’s very soft fillet. It is as if you were feeling the breeze of the ocean, the scent of grapes, and were drowning in pleasure.

You can enjoy exclusive alcoholic desserts at our Casino, of which we will only list two examples: the chocolate dessert ‘Grand Marnier’ and the ‘Cheesecake B52’.

‘Grand Marnier’ contains some alcohol of the same name. The delicious dessert melts in the mouth and leaves you with an unforgettable impression.
‘Cheesecake B52’ is prepared with the famous cocktail of the same name, which is made of Cointreau, Kahlua and Baileys. The cheesecake contains the colors of the beverages, and when you are having it, you feel the taste of each of them

We can proudly say that you won’t find any other casino or hotel in Georgia offering such a wide range of beverages of this quality. The best ‘Hennessy Richard’, ‘Rémy Martin Louis XIII’, champagne ‘Cristal Brut’, a ‘Dom Pérignon Rosé’ from the last century produced in the best harvest year – this is only a small part of what we can offer you.
‘Ambassadori’ Casino’s members can also taste world-famous ‘Chardonnays’ – ‘Chassagne Montrachet’ and ‘Puligny Montrachet’. There is simply no better French white wine than these two.

You will also be able to taste wonderful red wines, be they French, Italian, or Georgian, the latter probably being yet another discovery for you. For instance, the unfiltered ‘Saperavi’ from Telavis Marani’s “Mukado” series, which never fails to amaze our guests.

These lovely liquids will be served to you after being decanted, so that you can delight from observing their beautiful bouquets.

For dessert, we will offer you ‘Telavis Marani’s ‘Usakhelauri’ or ‘Château Mukhrani’s ‘Muscat’, which has no equal in terms of relaxing you when you are full, sitting comfortably in an arm-chair, and sipping your glass little by little, according to your taste.