MEGA BIG WIN - Every Friday, at 22:00, get involved in the mega slot lottery and win 25 000 GEL. The lottery consists of 3 rounds and our guests can win 6 000 GEL in the first round, 7500 GEL in the second round, and 11 500 GEL in the third round. In order to participate in our slot draw, you should visit us, play and get lottery tickets.





   POKER BATTLE - A grandiose draw for them , who loves victory! The prize fund is 240 000 GEL. The poker battle will be held every Saturday at 23:00. The draw consists of five rounds and the additional round     can be held according to the game. Everything depends on the guest’s intuition –which poker combination he will choose. The lottery tickets will be given away  during the week. Our guests can win in the first     round of the tournament - maximum 5 000 GEL, 7500 GEL in the second round, 10 000 GEL in the third round, 12 500 GEL in the fourth round, 25 000 GEL in the fifth round.


  Get involved in the poker battle and become the winner!